BACK PAIN WHEN BREATHING – Top 6 Causes For Back Pain

Back pain is a common thing for every single individual out there, but sometimes back pain occurs when you are breathing and that’s the signal from god that you should go and look for a doctor. Back pain when breathing makes your cells weak, and makes you feel lethargic. Sometimes back pain is so sharp that it causes infection to the chest and can cause lung cancer as well. Back pain when breathing also indicates a signal for heart stroke or emergency, which means whenever you feel back pain when breathing you should rush to an hospital. In my article I will highlight some several causes of back pain and elaborate that when to see a doctor is necessary.


SCOLIOSIS: Scoliosis is a curvature of the human’s spinal cord. It can happen at any age but most of there target are teenagers or young people. Sometimes spine becomes so curved that it puts pressure on your lungs, making breathing painful and causing back pain.

HEART ATTACK: Sometimes heart attack can also be the reason for back pain, it’s a life threatening issue for one individual and it occurs when your hearts vein becomes blocked then chest pain and back pain occurs.

OBESITY: Carrying excessive weight can place extra pressure on a person’s back, joints, and other parts of the body and cause some serious pain. Some people with obesity find it uncomfortable or even painful to take full, deep breaths.

KYPHOSIS: It is the condition in which your spine curves forward. Kyphosis can also cause back pain and sometimes may get worse over time, which can lead to difficulty breathing or eating in some people.

PLEURISY: Pleurisy is the two thin membranes that line and protect the chest and lung cavities. This inflammation can make breathing difficult and cause a sharp pain in your back, when this happen you should definitely concern a doctor.

PNEUMONIA: Pneumonia is the infection in which lung’s tiny air sacs to fill with fluid. It can be on one or both lungs depending on the situation. People may experience breathing problems and have serious pain in their back.

SUMMARY: People who are facing the issues of back pain when breathing should concern a doctor and it is very important to not to ignore this. If somebody is not comfortable with the pain then it might be a problem for him/her. Its symptoms can indicate a heart attack as well, but not every time! Seek for a immediate medical assistance if this kind of back pain occurs like shortness of breath and too much pain in back or dizziness or loss of consciousness.

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