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Easy Guide for Minecraft Change Username

Minecraft on other platforms don’t require usernames, but if you play on Minecraft Realms on these platforms you’ll use your Xbox gamer tag. The console editions of Minecraft use Xbox gamer tag or Sony PSN ID.

Are there any requirements in creating a user name?
• Needs to consist of 3-16 characters.
• No spaces
Allowed characters:
• A to Z (upper and lower case)
• The only allowed special character is ‘ (underscore)
It’s no longer possible to create a user name with less than 3 characters.
Where can I find my user  change minecraft username?

Minecraft change username

Whether you’ve a Mojang account, your user name can be found and changed on your Mojang account page.
Can I change my user name?
Users who’ve a Mojang account (the default account type for all accounts registered after Nov 2012) can change their user name for free at by clicking on the (Change) link next to your profile name.
If you sign in with your user name, as older accounts do, you’ll first need to migrate to a Mojang account before you can change your user name.
How frequently can I change my user name?
If you’ve changed your user name already, you’ll need to wait 1 month to be capable of making another change.
If you change your user name, your old name is held for 37 to 38 days. This gives you an extra week to change back if you’ve made a mistake or changed your mind before your previous user name becomes available to anyone else.
Is the profile name you wish to have unavailable?
In case the user name you want is unavailable,
you’ll have to choose another name. we’ll not be capable to assist you get a user name that’s unavailable.

If I change my user name, can someone see my previous usernames?
Yes. Username changes are set up in order that you may get a user name that you prefer, and aren’t designed to circumvent bans or anything of that sort.

After I changed my user name, I get error message “not authenticated with, Minecraft usernames change ,”, what do I do? You’ll need to fully log out and log back in again. This refreshes your profile’s authentication and connection with our servers.

To fully log out and log back in: change Minecraft user name ?

In the Minecraft game launcher, click your user name or e-mail address in top right corner
Click “Log Out”
Log back in with your account credentials
If I ban someone on my server, plus they change their user name, do they stay banned?
Yes, and the same holds true for white listed, or OP’d players. Account-level features on an unmodified server stay the same since the system is utilizing your profile’s distinctive ID in place of the user name. This doesn’t include the scoreboard feature, which uses usernames, and isn’t meant to store lots of long-term player data.

Will Mojang Support help me change my user name?

No. The system is set up in order that users can change their usernames. If you don’t like your user name, you can change it again in thirty days. Neither will we help you get a user name that’s already unavailable nor a name with less than 3 characters.
What about user name moderation? Can I report someone?
Mojang has always had a pretty relaxed stance on usernames. somebody who selects an inappropriate user name is frequently banned by the servers that they join. Although user name changes are now a feature, people have been able to register questionably appropriate usernames since 2009, and the community has self-regulated. Implementing a comprehensive user name filter is quite difficult, and doing so would diminish the openness which has made the game so popular. we’d prefer not to have players continuously reporting each other via this help site; instead, please contact your server administrator. That said, we reserve the right to change especially offensive names to something more cheerful, as needed.

The way to Change Minecraft username

This Generate change teaches you how to change the name that your character uses in-game on the pc version of Minecraft. Sadly, you can’t change your user name in Minecraft PE or console editions, as these versions use your Xbox Live or PlayStation gamertag instead.

1: Understand the limitations. You can’t change your name if you created the account inside the last 1 month, nor could you change your name a few times every 1 month. Additionally, you must change your name to a name that hasn’t been chosen by somebody else at this point. Your name must be longer than 2 characters and may only use underscores, letters, and numbers.
• Changing your in-game user name doesn’t change your Minecraft web site profile name.

2:Open the Mojang site. Go to in your browser.

3:Click ACCOUNT. This tab is in the upper-right side of the page.

4:Click Log in. It’s in the upper-right side of the page.

• If you’re already logged in, skip this step and the next two steps.

5 : Enter your login info. Type your e-mail address and password into the labeled fields on this page.

6 : Click Log in. It’s a green button near the bottom of the page.

7:Find the “Profile Name” section. It’s located near the center of the page.

8:Click Change. It’s a link to the right of your current user name.

10:Click Check availability. It’s a grey button to the right of the profile name text field. This may check your user name to see if it’s already taken; if not, you’ll see a green “user name is available” message appear.

• In case the user name is already taken, you’ll see a red “user name is in use” message appear.

11 :Enter your secret phrase. In the “Secret word” content field close to the base of the page, type in the secret word that you use to sign into your Minecraft account change .

12 :Snap Change name. It’s at the base of the page. Doing as such will change your current username to your new username quickly; you should see this change mirrored whenever that you sign into change Minecraft username on your Windows or OS Mac PC.

•Your old username will be accessible for 7 days, implying that you’ll have seven days to change your new username back to your old one on the off chance that you choose to do as such.

Image result for Step to By Step Change Your Minecraft Username
  • Getting Understand the limitations. You cannot First change Minecraft username your name if you want to create the account within the last 30 days, nor can you change your name more than once every 30 days. …
  • Enter Click at ACCOUNT
  • Click Sing In
  • Enter your Sing in information. …
  • Enter your Sing In information. …
  • Click Sing in
  • Search the “Profile Name” section. …
  • Click Change. …
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