Here’s Why You Should Introduce Your Kids to Educational Robotics

We live in a world where technology is advancing at an extraordinary speed, and this is just the beginning, the future is even more interesting. If you think about it, each of our days has been influenced by technology. Missing your friends? Use your smartphone to video chat with them. Want to monitor your health? Numerous applications will assist you in living better.

Just like that, in the league of innovations, the culture of robotics have been seen coming a long way in recent years. There is just something about this discipline that evokes fascination in people. Maybe it’s the fact that we know it is not a living thing, yet acts like one. Let’s see how it is bringing change in the lives of children.

Technology for Kids

Kids are already engaged and interested in using technology. Like everything else, there are pros and cons to it. But keep in mind, the bad usually arise from extreme intake or usage. What you might not have put thought on till now is the fact that tecnología para niños can be helpful in personal growth and skill-building.

Only a few years ago, the idea of using robótica para niños educational purposes seemed nowhere near coming true, but today, it appears as the future has already arrived. Today, we observe many educators around the world experimenting with various ways by which robotics can productively add value to learning inside and outside the classroom.

Kids love to explore and discover how different things work, and robotics opens doors to new horizons for kids. It introduces them to science and math in a hands-on, real-world way, which is why it is considered a much more effective learning tool.

What is Educational Robotics and How it Help Kids to Develop?

Robótica educativa help children improve STEM learning and deepen their knowledge of robotics and programming at an early age. Back in the day, Lego blocks were used to learn some STEM skills, but as the technology has advanced, so did the toys. Now, educational robotics assist kids in developing the basic cognitive skills of mathematic learning.

In simple words, robótica educativa can be defined as a set of educational activities that provide support and strengthen those specific areas of education that help develop the students’ capabilities through the conception, formation, assembly, and start-up of robots. The entire system is designed to be easy and safe for kids to operate and learn. Even the kids with no programming skills can make the best of it in no time.

Fair to say, it has brought a lot of opportunities to learn, experiment, and promote different approaches to learning. Like I have mentioned above, there’s good and bad in everything. You may have acknowledged the negatives of technology in children’s lives, but the list of positives is much more extensive. Robots are the future, which is why it is important to ensure that your kids have a basic knowledge of robotics and technology from an early age.

Let’s throw some light on the benefits of robótica educativa: –

  • First and foremost, it is a fun and exciting learning tool for kids.
  • It can encourage skills like problem-solving, hands-on creativity, communication, and teamwork.
  • Programming is no piece of cake, but by experimenting with a robot, kids can better comprehend the concepts.
  • Robótica educativa are extremely useful in classrooms because of their ability to easily capture students’ attention and preventing struggling kids from falling behind.
  • Behave as the perfect link between theory and practice.
  • It drives passion in kids to learn about certain things.
  • The learning of STEM spreads across every career choice. Robótica educativa promotes students’ interest in STEM subjects.

How Educational Robotics Foster Kids’ Mental Health?

As the inclusion of robótica educativa in classroom open possible career paths for students, it plays a significant role in fostering their mental health as well. Children like to learn about things practically. Traditional education doesn’t always provide this kind of learning, which often results in a lack of motivation and low confidence.

A study was conducted between two groups of students; one was an experimental group that carried out their study using robotics. The other studied the same concepts without the use of robotics. The result revealed that the class that included robótica educativa was more effective in improving learning and stimulating students’ interest and motivation.

Robótica educativa can help bring those students in the classroom who might not ever want to come due to a lack of interest. It makes education fun for both high-achievers as well as struggling learners leading to a boost in self-confidence.

Most Popular Educational Robotics

Some of the most popular Robótica educativa are Makeblock mBot, Bee-Bot, Lego Wedo, Robo Wunderkind, NAO, and OWI 535. The Makeblock mBot is the easiest to assemble and control. Literally takes just 15 minutes! For young children, Bee-Bot is the perfect pick. It is colorful, easy-to-operate, designed to be used by children from 5 years old. It allows many educational activities such as learning numbers and alphabets and grouping objects. You can buy these educational robotics from here.

Final Word

Indeed, robotics seems to become a good friend in kids’ play and studies in the near future. Now, you can probably see how robótica educativa can affect children’s lives in a positive way. With these amazing toys, learning all the crucial skills can be really fun.

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