Micro-soft Teams / March New Updates in 2021

Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft 365/Office 365 collaborative workspace that serves as a central hub for workplace conversations, collaborative teamwork, video chats, and document sharing, all in one unified suite of tools.

According to Microsoft statistics released in April, Teams, which was launched in 2017 as a competitor to collaboration pioneer Slack, grew to 75 million daily active users as the COVID-19 pandemic worsened. Teams are the fastest-growing business app in the company’s history, according to the company.

Since its launch, teams have risen in competition to zoom as a key part of Microsoft’s workplace productivity and collaboration strategy fueled by the push for work-from-home connectivity.

Real-time status Teams Update

Microsoft has announced that Teams will now provide real-time updates on everyone’s statuses. What does all of this mean? When your status in Teams changes—available, in a call, etc.—you can expect more reliable and faster updates, as well as the ability to turn on and off your out-of-office (aka Automatic Replies) in Outlook. You’ll also get more frequent updates to your calendar events.

What’s New in Microsoft Teams Login | February and April 2021

The team has had a busy and productive couple of months. At Ignite earlier this month, Microsoft announced a slew of exciting product updates and offerings, many of which are now generally available.

You can now use PowerPoint Live and Live Reactions in meetings. Similarly, you can now host 20,000-person view-only broadcasts and download attendee reports after the webinar for webinars and larger meetings. You can now use the low data calling mode when using a cellular connection and want to limit the amount of bandwidth used. You can also access your file offline if you’re on a mobile device with poor reception. The Approvals app has been updated to allow you to respond inline, markdown, and attach files from within and outside of Microsoft 365 to your approvals. You can now use remote device provisioning to better manage your Android Teams Rooms devices.

These aren’t the only new features and capabilities that will be available in February and April. There’s a lot of it. So, grab a cup of something warm, and let’s take a look at what’s new in:

  1. Meetings and webinars
  2. Calling
  3. Devices
  4. Chat and Collaboration
  5. Power Platform and custom development
  6. Management
  7. Security, compliance, and privacy
  8. Government

Meetings and webinars

Speaker attribution is included in the live transcription.

Live transcription allows you to follow and review conversations (in English-US) in real-time while watching or listening to the meeting video or audio. This encourages participants with hearing impairments or varying levels of language proficiency to participate. Attendees who arrived late or missed the meeting can easily catch up by reading the transcript and searching by a speaker. To use this feature, tenant administrators must enable the Allow transcription policy.

Channels that can be accessed via voice

Connecting a call queue to a channel in Microsoft Teams is possible with voice-enabled channels. While waiting in the queue, users can collaborate and share information within the channel. This feature is ideal for situations like an IT help desk or a human resources hotline. Call queues can be quickly connected to specific channels by IT admins, and team owners can manage the settings.

Branch Appliance that Can Survive

A Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) allows users to place and receive PSTN calls even if the network is down to support the most important conversations in the event of a network outage. During an outage, the Teams client automatically switches to the SBA, allowing ongoing calls to continue uninterrupted with no user action required. Normal call functionality is resumed once the Teams client detects that network connectivity has been restored, and any call data records are uploaded to the cloud. By following the step-by-step configuration guidance provided by their SBC vendor, organizations can now take advantage of Survivable Branch Appliance capabilities. 


This month, EPOS and Poly have both certified devices for Microsoft Teams.

  • EPOS ADAPT 100 Series
  • Trio C60
  • Savi 7300 Office
  • Poly Studio P15

Chat and Collaboration

On-Demand Chat Translation for Android

Inline message translation ensures that every team member has a voice and makes global collaboration easier. People who speak different languages can communicate fluidly with one another by translating posts into channels and chat with a single click.

Template policies help you manage team templates.

Admins can now select which team templates the end-user sees. Admins can create team template policies and specify which team templates to hide or show in the Teams Admin Center. Assign users to the policy once it’s been created, so that each user only sees the team templates that are specific to their role.

Power Platform and custom development

QR/Barcode Scanner and Location APIs are two new mobile device capabilities APIs.

Microsoft is pleased to announce two new device capabilities: location and QR/Barcode scanner, which you can now use to create new and compelling scenarios. The Teams Client JavaScript SDK includes these high-value experiences out of the box and can be used with little effort, lowering the barrier to app development.

Microsoft teams

Version 1.12 of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) provides even more extensibility options for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

They’ve made it even easier to build Microsoft Teams extensibility with the release of SPFx version 1.12, which includes automatic hosting of your UX layer and the ability to combine the SharePoint Framework pieces with other Microsoft Teams extensibility options.


Limiting the use of managed Windows and Mac devices to specific tenants

You can now restrict Team sign-in for Windows and Mac managed devices to prevent employees from signing in to another organization’s tenant using credentials from a device they are authorized to use for work. This policy can also be used to set up personal account access.

Security, compliance, and privacy

Microsoft Information Protection: sensitivity labels are now displayed differently in Teams.

In Teams with hierarchical sensitivity labels, the channel headers only show the parent label, not the child label. Teams only show “Confidential” in the channel header when the parent sensitivity label is Confidential and the child sensitivity label is Finance.


These features are now being rolled out to the US Government Community Cloud, which are currently available to Microsoft’s commercial customers in multi-tenant cloud environments. (GCC), US Government Community Cloud High (GCC-High), and/or US Department of Defense customers (DoD).

They’re in charge of generating Team usage reports. GCC-High is an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove a student from Microsoft Team? 

Teachers have the authority to remove students from class teams because they are team owners. Ask your IT Admin to double-check your permissions if you’re having trouble removing a student.

Step: 1 Select More options button > Manage team from the class team menu.

Step: 2 To remove a student from your class, click the X next to their name. Their job title will be “Member.”

Your student will be kicked out of your class.

Is it possible to see who is removing users from a meeting? 

No, there is no record of who was kicked out of a meeting or who was muted. Presenters, administrators, and even Microsoft support cannot see the log. I’m sure Microsoft has some sort of log somewhere, but I doubt they’d use or share it.

How can participants be prevented from muting or removing others?

Make sure your students aren’t presenters in the meeting. Only presenters have the ability to mute and dismiss others.

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