TMSe Marketing Services GmbH launches ClipFlip Video Engagement Booster TM!

TMSe Marketing Services offers a solution for Interactive Video Engagement Marketing.

Austria. – December 3rd, 2019 – TMSeTM, the now, well-known group of entrepreneurial driven business development experts, who are expanding new services and/or products for their client into international markets, launched the worldwide distribution of their own created technology brand ClipFlip. 

The Perfect Solution for interactive Video engagement

Video advertising technology is mostly static and boring, which can disturb, can be non-relevant and interfere with the user experience. What is for sure, at the end of the day, you cannot do anything with the video. 

But what if the advertisement in the video is actually interactive, that you can engage with it, customize it to your liking, get more knowledge out of it and even share it with friends?

This would be a totally different story. 

With ClipFlip, TMSe has established a new groundbreaking level of interest and involvement of the user while interacting with video advertisement. 

Here are some facts: 

  • 40% more user engagement with the advertisement 
  • 60% more clicks
  • 7% more sales through e-Commerce
  • 15% more knowledge and insight of the product offering 

Performance AND Simplicity That Just Works

ClipFlip real-time video enrichment technology is transforming passive video content into a personalized, interactive and engaging experience. 

Focusing on an evolving Innovation

ClipFlip is on the verge replacing standard video advertising technology and bringing the fun and quality back while interacting with brand products. 

See for yourself:

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