UVERSE vs DIRECTV & At&t Which is Better? REVIEWS

If we talk about todays trend DIRECTV is the America’s best satellite Tv service with Hi-definition channels than every other satellite providers. Basically if we talk about UVERSE vs DIRECTV the first thing comes to our mind is quality but in actual it’s the AVAILABILITY. Considering as a satellite tv directv is available in all 50 states of America and it’s a great option for the customers who want to live remotely. They also provide facilities to its customers like National Football League SUNDAY TICKET that allows you to watch up to 8 games. Record 5 shows at once with the Genie DIRECTV’s most advanced HD DVR system and then enjoy the day with your girlfriend or your friends. It has millions of users through out the globe.


AT&T Uverse, is a largest telecommunication company in the market, even though for now it is only to provide IPTV service. It was launched back on June 26, 2006, Uverse included many things in its list like broadband Internet, IP telephone, and IPTV providers in 21 other countries. U verse has tons of channels to select from and much More pictures and shows available on request. Stream Television on the move With over 240 live stations on Uverse.com, too. Watch your favourite show and discover new ones aswell. Find what you are looking for with a number of options. With 100 percent HD quality, you may enjoy Television like never before.


Both options come in a variety of packages. Choose the types of channels you like, then find a package that fits. If you like sports, DIRECTV has plenty of coverage. You can add on extra sports programming to any package. Enjoy every out-of-market game, every Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Both options offer a wide variety of programming. Uverse vs Directv are your cable alternatives. Pick your perfect package today. Get more entertainment with U-verse High Speed Internet, which is delivered over a network that includes fiber optic technology. With speeds up to 77 Mbps, you can stream your favorite shows with virtually no interruptions. The AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot Network makes it easy to watch movies or shows on the go. Bundle U-verse High Speed Internet with your TV order for enhanced entertainment no matter where you are. AT&T gives you the content you want when you want it. With On Demand, you can start watching TV your way. When it comes down to U-verse vs cable or DIRECTV vs cable, the winners are clear. Get the TV experience you have been looking for. You may have to look twice and rub your eyes in disbelief at these dopplegangers. While some may think the two companies are the same, DIRECTV and AT&T offer similar services, but with some important differences.

We think DIRECTV is the best choice for most people, especially sports fans, but only if they’re cool with 2-year contracts and a price increase after the first year. AT&T also has a price increase after the first year, but it requires a one-year contract only. Plus, AT&T has some of the highest channel counts out there.
HIDDEN FEES: We’d like to talk about UVERSE VS DIRETV at that point out all the fees that aren’t quite obvious, or at least not mentioned in the main advertised price. DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse are nearly identical. Both include installation and DVR fees, but they also both require a one-time activation fee. Where DIRECTV charges a regional sports fee, AT&T charges a Broadcast TV fee, so once again, you’ll end up with about the same price with either provider.


Activation fee $19.95 $35 Installation fee $20 for each mo. remaining on your contract $15 for each mo. remaining on your contract
DVR fee Included Included
HD technology fee Included Included
Broadcast TV fee Included Up to $7.99/mo
Regional sports fee Up to $8.49/mo.** N/A
• Between uverse vs directv, you won’t have trouble finding your favorite channels. They both have major players like ESPN, FOX NEWS, USA, The CW, etc. You’ll have to check the availability in your area to get more specifics. Sports packages for both includes, DIRECTV Sports Package = $13.99/monthly. AT&T The Sports Package = $10/monthly.

Uverse vs DirecTV CONCLUSION

 As we know that in uverse vs directv the competition is always onn. It is said to be called that the satellite provider vs telecommunications, the war is real people. But its up to the peoples choice that what they want to watch. Uverse gives a fiber environment where as directv gives a satellite environment. Uverse tv deals in one year contract as compare to directv has two year contract. Basically the uverse tv gives you more channels for what you are paying in actual.

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