Weddings in the time of a Global Pandemic

Weddings are a beautiful affair and every one dreams and builds up hopes for this big day. Since the onset of the global pandemic, it has been tough to plan and execute weddings owing to the safety concerns. But in today’s world, nothing is impossible. The internet can help you in various ways to plan your wedding. There are websites that offer complete décor packages. The designed online, Designing your Custom suits online, Getting your e- invite custom designed and a complete virtual coverage of the big day.  Everything can now be planned, designed and executed online, thanks to the internet.

Planning a wedding online

The biggest part of a wedding is planning ahead. The major challenge when it comes to planning it online, is the difficulty of not being able to visually choose. In the time of a pandemic, where the couple needs to be safe as well as get the preparation done, it is all about visual imagination. Many countries are now allowing a small gathering to participate in a wedding. Even though the invitees  may be less, there cannot be any compromise in the decoration, the settings, the food or the wedding ceremony. This is where the various online vendors can help you.

An Online Wedding Checklist

It has numerous key decisions each of which influences the other. The location is directly linked to the decoration, the food is directly linked to the number of invitees etc. Preparing a thorough checklist can help you organize these key points and make sure you do not skip anything:

Choosing a location

In normal times, The venue is either a place you previously visited or a place you envisioned as to where the wedding could take place. It could also be inspired from other wedding locations. The couple usually visits these places before confirming them. Since you may not be able to visit so many places given the restriction. Many places now offer virtual tours of the location, a 360 degree view and online booking facilities.

The Wedding Decor

The décor consists of the seating, the background, the music, the flower decorations and the dais for the couple where the ceremony takes place. All these can now be booked online through various Event Managers who may collaborate with wedding florists, organisers, bands/musicians etc and help you book them.

The Wedding invites

Yes it sounds less exciting than designing your card and hand delivering them or mailing them. Mails are risky in these times due to the amount of people involved in delivering it, although one can still choose to do so with precautions. The better alternative to physical invites are e-invites. It can be a well designed custom invite with a video invitation from the couple or a link to your beautiful pictures and they can be safely emailed to your loved ones. This can also cost you much less than designing physical invites and printing and mailing them.

The Wedding Dress/Suit

One of the most important and difficult decisions would be to get your wedding dress or suit online. There are some very good brands that offer you to design and choose your Wedding Dress or Custom Suits online. All you need to do is submit your measurements, choose your fabric, select the pattern and provide your date and location for delivery. These brands can also help you with home trials and provide instant alteration for your outfit. Although the experience is quite different from real time shopping. There are some promising brands out there that can provide you with the exact same results.

The Wedding Caterers

Instead of running around meeting every caterer in town and putting yourself at risk, you can simply choose to get samples delivered for the food at home and work out a menu mutually with the caterers. Once the caterers are zeroes in on, you can make an online payment and book them for the date.

The Wedding Video Coverage

You can choose to have the it with streamed online on your social account so that no one misses your special day. You can even choose to send out links for a special group of people who may then join the wedding virtually.


These are some of the tips for you to plan your wedding without having to step out too often and risk your safety. The world is changing and so must you. Online services have tremendous benefits and support the social distancing cause without majorly interrupting your key life events.

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